My Time & Where I Am.

Hello Slaves,

So, it's probably come to your attention that I appear to be, well, how can I put it......''Slacking?''.

I haven't been so active on social media, I haven't released too much and I'm slow to reply. It's actually your fault, but for good reason.

As most of you know my slaves worked hard to buy me a crumbling country estate right in the middle of a holiday destination that I've spent a few years renovating. I figured the silence of the countryside would be perfect for recording Hypnosis, and, what's more, having so much space would make life a joy.....well, it does, to a point. There is however, a problem.

Having moved to a holiday destination, both my family and friends descend on me each summer in an 'It's an invasion' kind of way. From the 1st of June to the 16th I have 4 family members staying, I then get a break until the 20th of July when two more family members fly out for a whole month! A mere few days after that a couple of friends arrive for a week, then, the moment they leave, I fly to Italy for a week to do some invading of my own at a friends house.

'Ok so we get it, you have visitors'.......Not such a big deal, unless of course, you own a country estate! The cleaning, rebuilding, fixing, planting, repairing is akin to owning a hotel and looking after it without any staff (Something I'm considering). It's complete insanity! To give you some idea of the sheer size, I have an ATV and trailer just to move things around my property!!! To give you some idea of the task at hand, this is my property from above....(Looks messy in the top right corner because that's my own personal builders yard) Yes, every roof you see contains rooms, my rooms, to clean!!!

Now onto the other reason I've been quiet. I love Virtual Reality, from the moment I tried it I knew it would be a great tool to add to the domination arsenal, after all, it's like being in a real time with me! I've spent the past couple of weeks getting to grips with editing VR video, which entails shooting, importing to a special device, exporting from device, importing into an editing suite, exporting, then performing a Spacial Media Metadata injection and finally, uploading. I've just produced my first Domme VR clip especially for the slave who bought me the camera. I look forward to producing some for my stores and will shortly have a demo available on YouTube, but I suggest getting yourself a cheap VR headset compatible with your phone so you get the best experience.

In the midst of the insanity, I've shot a number of standard fetish clips that I've put to auto release in my absence. I will still be replying and releasing, but you must show patience.

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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