Record Breakers & Edging

Feeling weak this weekend? GOOD!

I decided to take my time with the final part of the consumed series, I want it to be extra special and plan on making it a full video and audio file. Expect big things!

However, I couldn't just leave my slaves in the lurch without any new clips to salivate over, so, I decided to have some fun!

Let's get into the first new clip! A very hot, seductive edging and masturbation instruction video. You'll be edged until you simple can't take anymore, and, you'll follow my instructions exactly (Unless of course you're currently in chastity with me, in which case you'll just have to watch and grimace)

Here's a gif taken from the clip:

I look forward to teasing you! You can get the clip in my Kinkbomb store or IWantClips store. Just click on your preferred store!

And, now for the big one!!

I often get very large tributes, but, thus far, none have beaten the one single tribute from a slave who wanted to meet me. I remember it well, he sent me a message out of the blue requesting to meet me the following day, sadly, I had plans. His initial offer of £1000 simply wasn't enough for me to adjust my plans. He then upped the offer to £1500, tempting, but, I'd arranged a special day so it still wasn't enough. He finally said 'If I transfer £5000, will that be enough?'

I knew that was all his savings, how could I refuse? Suddenly there was £5000 in my bank. That tribute gave me the holiday that made me reinvent myself as a Domme, and, is the reason you're reading this now.I've had some slaves who spent close to that amount on one tribute, and, far more over the course of time, but nobody has beaten it as a single tribute.

So, if findom gets your heart racing, makes you hard, and you want nothing more than to beat my biggest tribute, then, you need to head HERE and do it, get my record breaking clip (The clip is only available on IWantClips as no other stores offer such prices for clips). We both know you want to, we both know you love the idea, so get to it! I will only ever offer a handful of people the chance to buy this clip, so, if you have cash burning a hole in your wallet and you feel weak, do it. Here's a GIF to jumpstart your adrenaline:

I look forward to manipulating your slave mind to take what's mine.

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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