Can I serve please Miss?

It's a question I get asked all too often, yet, it's a question that should never really be asked.

As most of you know I've been a Domme for a very very long time, the way I have performed as a Domme naturally evolves as the years pass by. There was a time I had hundreds of slaves, but, this posed a HUGE problem. Each slave is unique in his ability to serve, tribute etc. We all lead different lives and trying to fit every slave into a 'Box' is impossible. Serving me became rather unfair, you see, the guy who spent £100 wanted the same as the guy who spent £5000. The case may be that the £100 is 25% of the first slaves wage, and the £5000 is 25% of the second slaves wage, thus, in real terms, they've given equally, it is me as the Domme who has received the difference, however, as slaves, they have both sent 25%. There is no way on gods earth I can spend the same amount of time on a slave who spends £100 as a slave who spends £5000 despite both sending 25% of their income. This left me with a dilemma, a dilemma I had to work on.

I decided to concentrate on my stores rather than individual slaves and something became very clear, there are two types of slaves (Far more than two, but for the purpose of this...).

There are the slaves who buy a clip, send 55 emails, inbox me via social media, ask to be teased constantly, expect interactions at 3am and want to tell me their life story. These sort of slaves require 50 hours of work before a second tribute is ever sent. Or maybe the slave who books one session a week yet expects to chat daily and wants to be in favor with me.

Then, there are slaves who are selfless, who go out of their way to please me, who naturally get interaction from me but at a leisurely pace we both enjoy. They'll send tributes without being asked, gifts without being asked and any hint of me requiring something is met with a deep desire to ensure it happens.

Some of you may have noticed that despite having a huge following, I only keep a handful of slaves close to me. They all belong to the second category and not a SINGLE ONE EVER ASKED TO SERVE ME. Instead they proved they wanted to serve from the get go.

My stable is made up entirely of the second group. Let's just take the beginning of 2017 into account. I had a nightmare time! My iMac died after returning from a snowy Spain and I had to get it across a continent for repair. Whoredog stepped up right away and paid for my flights, no questions asked, in my time of need my slave was there. Then, I was concerned that should such a thing happen again I'd be stuck without a way to work, my slut stepped in, purchased me a MacBook, again no questions asked, after he purchased it I agreed to send clips for 3 months....Notice the word AFTER. Nothing was agreed beforehand, he simply went out of his way to ensure my livelihood was stable because that's his job, he's my slave, in turn, he gained a reward.

I also recently gained a new slave, he also never asked if he could serve. Instead of asking, he went ahead and purchased many gifts from my wishlist, sent large tributes and ensured I had the things I was requesting, many items were for my vanilla business, some for producing content here and also for the house I have renovated. Things that are important to me.

While these slaves helped me during difficult times, others requested sessions, wanted to chat, emailed about customs completely ignoring the fact I was stranded with a broken iMac 2000 miles away from the nearest repair centre. While service DOES include some of your needs, my needs should come over and above your own (Unless it's life threatening etc of course). THAT'S HOW YOU SERVE!!

If this isn't something you enjoy, but, you enjoy fetish Hypnosis, that's fine!! That's what my stores and YouTube are for, I happily answer e-mails from customers. However, if service is what you want, don't ask me, don't request a figure, just surprise me in a big way regularly, keep an eye out for requests, fulfill them and you're serving.

Some of you will have no doubt approached to serve me and found me to be somewhat frosty in nature, the first few e-mails will sound harsh as if I don't want you to serve me. It's a test, if you're going to be of any use to me, I need to see it, I need to feel it and if a few harsh words or a cold shoulder put you off, then guess what? You don't really want it.

I'm an adventurous Domme, I travel a lot, all over the world, sometimes to places considered edgy or dangerous. If I found myself kidnapped in the Congo, I want a group of slaves who'll send a helicopter and a small army, not e-mail me asking which clip they should buy next.

I hope this makes sense to those who I may have shown a cold shoulder too, or emails I may have ignored.


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