VR, Thailand & Consumed

Hello lowly ones!

Well, after a horrendous start to 2017, things have really improved. So many of you have indulged in my latest 'Consumed releases', parts 1 and 2, and of course the Sissy version. The feedback I've had has been nothing short of amazing and it's become clear by the influx of contact I've received from those who've taken part just how successful this file has been. I hope to continue producing files within this series, so, if there's something you'd like to see as part of the 'Consumed' series then use the contact page on site to make a suggestion!

Next, on to VR. I have a new mindless puppet dwelling within my stable. Since joining the ranks he's done his utmost to spoil me with gifts. In the past couple of months he managed to tribute a PS4, along with a virtual reality headset. I originally tried VR when I was back in the UK, and, from the very first moment I tried it, I realized what an amazing tool this was. I'd bought into the whole 3D TV gimmick previously, and, found it to be nothing more than a gimmick, but, VR was and very much is, different, one might even say 'The future'. I have spent some time watching VR video to try and understand how it works in the hope of shooting some VR clips, after all, it would feel as though I'm in the room with you and I know how many of you would love to experience that! There is one thing I'm missing though, a VR camera, so, I added the LG 360 to my wishlist, it's a mere £145, and, whoever gets it for me will get 3 FREE VR clips (You'll be my VR guinea pig). Now I know some of you are thinking 'But I don't have a VR headset', well, google sell a cardboard version that will be compatible with my clips for a whole £12.

If you want to be the VR guinea pig, then simply click HERE to buy me the LG 360 at the top of my wishlist.

You can get Google VR card headset HERE simply scroll down the page to choose a model (Trust me, it's worth it).

Now, onto Thailand. This year I attempted to escape the bad winter by flying to Spain, where it snowed for the entirety of my break. When I returned home I made a decision to spend a month of winter each year exploring a foreign land. Winter 2017/18 will be spent in Thailand. I have yet to visit Thailand, despite the fact that many of my closest friends have lived there for many years, some of which are Thai! This means that they can get me beyond the usual tourist haunts and into the heart of true Thailand, something that not many experience. One of the places that I've been promised is a remote Thai island that has no tourists, instead it has a single wooden shack with hammocks. Just imagine sitting with me on a Thai beach in virtual reality as I dish out your fave fetishes! Perfect! You can tribute towards the trip by clicking HERE

That's all for now. I look forward to mastering new technologies and new lands in order to continue bringing you the best of Hypnosis and Fetish.



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