Luck Change And An old flame rekindled- New Hypnosis

As most of you know from my previous blog, 2017 has been a challenge to say the least. I faced the worst winter in 69 years with horrendous levels of snow, temps of -30c, a car that got stuck (and slightly trashed) twice. This prompted me to fly to the Costa Blanca for a week as an escape....where it snowed and rained the entire time along with a multitude of other problems. I eventually returned home looking forward to producing lots of new files and clips, so, it was to my complete horror that I went to switch my custom built 27' iMac on ready to get to work only to find the hard drive had completely died. For most people this wouldn't be a problem, but, I have a 3TB fusion drive that has 256gb flash drive as part of the fusion, expensive. However, the expense was the least of my problems. I live in a part of South East Europe where the people are very traditional, and, don't often take kindly to things like 'Feminizing Hypnosis', such things have been known to cause lynching here, and with feminization Hypnosis all over my desktop when the hard drive died there's was no way I could take it to a local shop for repair. Without my iMac, my work as a Mistress simply isn't possible, I can't render clips, edit clips, edit audio etc. It's the beating heart of and all it entails and has been beating continuously 24/7 for the past 4 years.

The decision was made to fly both myself and the iMac to the UK in order to meet a friend who's an Apple product repair specialist, flying a continent for a computer repair! My luck continued to be somewhat sour, somehow my flight dates had saved from a previous search on my iPad and instead of a week in the UK, I managed to accidentally book two!

There are few slaves who stand by you when you're not putting out a lot of content, and due to the bad luck I hadn't managed to put any content out at all, to add, when so much is going wrong I find it incredibly hard to continue discussing chastity terms, small penises and which color panties sissy should wear today! However, my whoredog stepped up and paid for my flights like a good bitch, as a human he's pathetic and sub standard, the sort of person that deserves to be spat on, but, as a slave he's perfect.

I enjoyed my visit to the UK, the iMac got a downgrade in hard drive size, but an upgrade in speed as it now boasts 1256gb of flash drive. In future all Mistress related content is being kept on a separate hard drive. After the repair I felt a great sense of relief and got back to chatting with slaves. I teased my favorite sissy into purchasing me a MacBook Air, so, I now have a back up should it all go awry in future, good sissy and looking forward to rewarding said sissy with lots of clips. I certainly feel that my whoredog and sissy know what it means to serve me, we're building an empire here, not chasing the next pair of Louboutins. It's these slaves that make being a Mistress a complete joy!

I also want to say thank you to my mindless puppet who stepped up and sent £300 for final cut on the MacBook, however, there were some issues with the gift certificate, but they are in the process of being resolved by said mindless puppet.


So, I was mid flight, staring at a glorious sunset wondering what I'd produce when I got home. I'll be honest I've suffered writers block for the past few months with Hypnosis. I write so much of it, especially for custom files, that I often find it very hard to continually create new ideas, not to mention inductions are so repetitive they can be a real chore to write. It came up on the screen in front of me that we were flying over Paris, and, it suddenly hit me!!!

I once had a slave who lived in Paris. For two years he begged to be broken, completely broken, left penniless. This is something I object to, mainly because you're useless to me if you're starving and broke, a broken donkey cannot carry the hay. This slave persisted with his request, until, one day I eventually decided that he had begged me enough. I designed a very specific Hypnosis for him, it related to his daily activities and I anchored those activities to a variety of thoughts about me, those thoughts would build until he reached his front door to go to work where he would be met by a desire to send a tribute. On his way to work he would pass the Louvre gallery, a very unique gallery for those of you who maybe aren't so worldly. It looks like this:

Louvre Gallery, Image copyright of its respective owner.

If he managed to reach the Louvre without sending a tribute he would begin to feel unpleasant feelings, anxiety, fear, nausea until the feeling became unbearable and he was unable to control himself. Knowing he could not enter his workplace with these feelings in tow, his only choice was to send a tribute. At first the file had a small impact, but as the days went on it was clear it was having the intended effect. As the tributes increased in size I questioned if being completely broken was still his hearts desire, he agreed that it was. I informed him that he must make the final decision within 24 hours as I wanted to ensure he was ready for such a thing. Naturally, he continued to tell me it was exactly what he wanted. He installed team viewer, I adjusted the file for extra potency and also created a sleep loop relating to the file. He would leave Teamviewer open and during his sleep I would command his computer to play the sleep loop. The impact this had was incredibly powerful, it reinforced the negativity surrounding the option of not sending a tribute but a feeling of reward when he did send a tribute, much like training a dog. This training/brainwash began to take it's toll, he began pleading with me to make it stop, but it was too late, and, I was enjoying watching his weakness become uncontrollable, besides, two years of continually requesting this made me want to continue the experiment. Tributes continued to roll in daily and his pleading increased, which turned me on, sometimes a little too much.

Eventually I got him to a point where he feared the negative feelings so much, and, I could trigger those feelings with a few simple words. He had to buy me whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. It was Christmas Eve, I wanted a faux fur coat I'd seen, it was expensive. I sent the command, he replied -

'I cannot buy it, my girlfriend has left me because I spent all my money on you, she told my family and I am now alone staying in a cheap bed and breakfast on Christmas Eve'

'You said you wanted to be broken, I said I want that coat, and, you are going to buy that coat for me'

I showed no mercy, it's exactly what he wished for. The coat got purchased, but then another message popped up-

'I bought the coat, but now I want to kill myself, I can't go on like this'

I NEVER put up with threats of suicide, EVER, under any circumstance. I talked him down a little, told him that the experiment was over, that I'd given him what he had asked for, and, in future he should be more careful for what he wished for. We never spoke a single word to each other again.

Though I in no way wish to make people suicidal, it occurred to me how effective the technique I used would be if I used it for slavery in general, or, even feminization. If I were to recreate that file and hold complete control over my slaves, where daily life is constantly interrupted by thoughts of me, or, thoughts of being feminized. I'm now in the process of designing that file, one for slavery in general and the other for feminization. I hope to release them over this weekend. These files won't be for those who just like to dabble in D/s, they'll be extremely potent files for those who wish to be consumed by their fetishes and controlled in a manner they cannot comprehend.

If you crave that complete control, then, you'll get these ground breaking files, but I ask you to consider this before you purchase them

'Is it what you really want?'

Annabel Fatale

YOU CAN NOW GET CONSUMED - For slavery & Consumed for Sissies by CLICKING HERE

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