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Hello lowly ones!

The 1st of November brought amazing news, and, in turn, I've decided to make some big changes in the way people serve me. This won't affect those who already serve me, and, many of you already serve me via the new method anyway!

I've been a Domme for many years now, it's something I've always been passionate about, however, recent occurrences have caused me to take a long hard look at the way people serve, and, the expectations of those who serve. Something that has been all too common with many who have served me is a desire to make large tributes, followed by a period of regret, whinging and general post cum blues, as common as muck in this scene. After years of dealing with this it's become draining and takes away my enjoyment of being a Domme. In some cases, after tributes have been made, a need to declare mental afflictions seems to happen. This makes me want to refund and block. As a Domme, I am here to deal with fetishes, fantasies and erotic fun, I'm not here to deal with mental health issues. This also makes it incredibly difficult for me to judge if a persons cry for mercy is genuine, or, part of the play. Naturally, in a real time, a safe word can be used, however, it's much more difficult to put something like that into practice online, particularly with findom. Ultimately, it is not my intention to cause mental harm, or, genuine deep anguish to a person. A little bit of anguish is acceptable, it's all part of the game, but afflicting someone in a negative way over a long period of time not only leaves me feeling rubbish, it also opens up the doors for legal ramifications. I have always tried to bring some morals and ethics to the table while remaining dominant.

As the years have gone by I've moved further and further away from being a traditional findom, it's rare I ask for tributes as many seem to misunderstand what a tribute actually is. Instead I've opted to sell services such as clips, sessions, custom clips and the like. The other issue I've experienced is the misunderstanding of 'Tribute', many want to tribute me a small sum, say £50 and then expect week long chats about everything from fetishes to holidays.

I've cut down my stable significantly, particularly those I interact with. Today I decided to let go of a long time slave for many of the reasons above.

There is one part of being a Domme I get a LOT of pleasure from, my clip stores. Not only do I take great joy in designing and creating original content, it seems those who take part also LOVE my content. I've yet to hear any whining from those who buy my clips, I've yet to hear any purchaser mention mental afflictions, and, this is an ideal situation for me, we all win. This month saw my stores generate over $5000 in commission alone!

So, if you already serve me, you will remain as you are. If you're someone who wants to serve me, then please, visit my clips stores. Naturally I won't be giving up findom completely as I enjoy it in the right context, so, from now on, I'll be placing clips in my stores that are 'Tribute clips' where you pay for something I want. Custom clips will still be available as will sessions.

At this moment in time, with such a following on my clips stores, and, the fact it brings enjoyment to both sides as well as generates more than tributes in general, it makes sense to concentrate on them.

I'd like to thank all those who support my stores and clips and hope to release a lot more exciting content for you in the coming months!


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