Let us do you a favour

It's not often I moan, but, I need to give this topic a mention.

I'm very often approached by websites or blogs for interviews, pictures and the like. I love working with others in the industry!! BUT this morning I got a message, the sort of message I receive all to often, it went like this:

Mistress, just a tip.. I guess you know of Mistress ******. She also is engaged in online Femdom-hypnosis. She offers one session for free, the rest is to be paid. If/when you'll do the same, blogs like us are more willing to shed light upon your services. Have a good weekend! *******, webmaster **** Media.

It seems some webmasters and blog writers are confused about how this game, and, the internet as a whole works. The next bit may sound like I'm 'Blowing my own trumpet' so to speak, but that isn't my intention, my intention is simply to point out how online business or business itself works.

We'll use numbnuts above as an example:

Numbnuts media has 3400 followers on Twitter, 2000 of which subscribe to numbnuts' blog.

Mistress ****** has 2384 followers

Numbnuts uses his influence to try to convince me, with 46,000 followers (Almost 60,000 if you count the fan base account) that by handing out free sessions (At a loss of £50 per session) that he's going to feature me on his blog where a whole 2000 people are going to converge and read my piece, and that by following the example of someone with 20 times less followers than me, it'll help me on my road to success......SLAM THE BRAKES ON RIGHT THERE.

Now let's say I do a free session and get featured shall we? I then retweet that piece to my followers, in turn 40,000 people visit your blog, each reader generates advertising revenue of $0.20, you just made a lot of money! I on the other hand lost £50, the cost of my make up, the electric I used to write your piece and the time I could have spent actually doing something that generates profit.

A lot of people seem to be missing one basic fact, and that fact is : TRAFFIC IS MONEY

If you're a reputable company in the industry with a big following, then of course I'd consider going out of my way to get featured on your blog, the value would work both ways.

I also get asked very often to produce clips for websites and studios, I've done it for a number of studios in the past, but, there's a problem! Most don't want to pay more than $200 for a clip, but, if I put that clip in my store it generates $1000-$10,000 so by doing your clip I've lost, at best $800 and at worst $9800. Most companies also upload to websites which I personally have stores on putting the clips I make for them in direct competition with my own. Then there's the whole 'Clips appearing for free all over the internet' problem that seems to happen because I sold you the rights, you can't be bothered to fill out DMCA notices and thus I end up losing sales because of so much free content online.

I'm all for working with people in this industry, I'm all for helping smaller blogs gain a following, but, unless you're playboy or Kink.com, don't approach me as if you're doing me a favour, it's the other way around, I understand business and you're ultimately demeaning and underestimating my knowledge of a field that, it's clear to see, I've been and continue to be succsessful in.

Thank you

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