New Hypnosis and pet peeves

Dear lowlies,

Firstly I want to thank those of you who have partaken in my clips! I seem to be gaining a bit of a cult following that is growing by the day. I do my utmost to produce the best fetish hypnosis available, so, to see so many taking part brings me joy.

I've just released a brand new hypnosis that those who enjoy poppers will revel in! It's mostly audio and is designed to create an addiction to poppers so you can train that sissy ass more often. You can get it HERE

Now for some things I feel need a mention. I spend a vast amount of time in front of my computer working away to bring interesting new content to my followers, but, there seems to be a few misconceptions floating around.

Something I've noticed of late is the use of the word 'Tribute'. The term seems to be misused so often of late. What exactly is a 'Tribute'? Well, how about I explain what it ISN'T. A tribute is NOT a payment for a session, a tribute also isn't payment for a clip and a tribute isn't a payment for a personal item. All to often I get messages stating 'Can I tribute you for a session?', as a ProDomme this is rather aggravating. A session is a service I offer, thus you would be PAYING for a session, custom clips are another service I offer, thus you would be PAYING for a custom. Tribute is ultimately short for contribution, does your boss pay you a contribution, or, a wage? A tribute is simply a donation for nothing more than showing admiration. Despite popular belief, being a Domme is a job, a real job that requires book keeping, accountants and the payment of taxes just like any other run of the mill job. I'm not a charity. Tributes actually make up for a very small portion of what I make. I'm not mentioning this because I get tributes then slaves expect something in return, the opposite in fact! I'm mentioning it because people continue to request a session and use the term as if paying me for a session is doing me a favour. Next time you walk into a restaurant and have a nice meal, ask the staff 'Where do I contribute for my food'....You're not contributing to ANYTHING!!! You're paying for a service!!! This isn't an unwarranted payment for not doing anything.....So please, if you want to pay for a service, don't use this term!!!

Sessions - For far too long now I've been getting messages at stupid o'clock in the morning saying 'Hi, can you session now?'. This also seems to happen on a cold, damp Wednesday afternoon after I've walked my dog through multiple boggy fields and I'm covered in mud, midway through cooking my dinner or just as a bevy of family members turn up. Does it come as a surprise that I lead a relatively normal life away from this?? To some people it seems surprising that I don't wake up on a morning and instantly dress like I'm attending a fetish convention!! Sadly, I can't do my daily routine dressed head to toe in leather and PVC in much the same way you can't do your daily routine in a gimp mask, ball gagged with a 10 inch black dildo hanging out of your behind. I'm not willing to jump on camera in my daily wear, I'm a professional, and thus put effort into getting ready for a session, that's why I offer sessions on a weekend only.

To my next point - BOOKING SESSIONS

Due to offering a limited number of sessions, the sessions become high demand. That means that most weekends are booked up and paid for well in advance. If you message me on Saturday for a session on Sunday, chances are you're looking at a week long wait because Sundays sessions will already be booked up. I know many young Dommes sit at the computer all day waiting to do sessions, I used to be much the same, but, I found 18 hour long days sat at a computer waiting to do sessions somewhat boring and unfulfilling, it also began to kill my passion for being a Domme. I offer sessions on a weekend, if you want one then book and pay during the week. Simply agreeing to a time and then disappearing without paying guarantees I won't be there waiting to do your session, but why? Let's imagine that for 2 years you got up and got ready to go to work, you put on your best suit, shine your shoes, do your hair and drive to your workplace. As you arrive you're informed that they don't want you in today. You've just wasted a few hours of your life that you're not even getting paid for!! This used to happen a lot, I'd arrange a time and date, expect the slave to pay before the session, I'd spend a few hours getting ready, then nobody would turn up!! As stated previously being a Domme is my job, yes, it's a job I love, but it is a job. This means that it requires some organisation. I'm not a Mc Donalds 24hr drive through, I'm much more of a El Celler de Can Roca. If your schedule doesn't allow you to book sessions on a weekend, or, you're not sure when you'll be available then there isn't much I can do about it and would simply suggest booking a custom clip.

Finally - AGE PLAY

In recent years I've received numerous requests for age play related sessions or clips. My reply has often angered those requesting such things and I've been met with 'So you think I'm a pedophile'. Firstly, this isn't something I cover, I don't feel comfortable with it. Secondly, the government of my country doesn't differentiate between a pedophile and an ageplay lover, so, if you come here with a`hard drive full of ageplay clips, the police here would treat you as though you were Jimmy Saville and throw you in jail for 10 years. Yes, I can personally see there IS a difference, however, the law here can't....So don't ask, request or even mention ageplay to me. Please find an alternate Domme who's both comfortable with it, and, can make such clips legally.



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