Fresh ideas after a long time traveling!

Well, since July 18th I've been traveling. I'm something of a travel addict, in fact, as soon as I got back I booked a trip to Spain in January! I find spending so much time in front of a computer and in front of a camera can leave one somewhat lacklustre, and, travel hits my refresh button which, of course, means new ideas to enslave and mesmerise.

It's funny how simple little things while traveling can trigger new ideas! During my 2-3 month stint of roaming I briefly returned home and found myself rattling away at the keyboard after reading a psychology book I'd picked up, the book reminded me of a technique I once tested out that worked a treat. The technique causes short term amnesia of sorts, making the person completely forget what they were supposed to be doing or where they were going (And no, it doesn't involve flashing boobicles, sorry).

Anyway, I got to writing a few new files based on this idea of amnesia. The first was a feminisation based amnesia file, a file that'll make you forget your entire day and instead spending the whole day doing all the things sissies love to do, quite a freeing file I think you'll agree!

I also just released a financial domination amnesia file, you can guess what that'll entail!

Just before I set off on my travels someone approached me for a custom hypnosis, another feminisation. As I wrote the file I realised it was a 'Reborn/Rebirth part 2'. After sending the custom I tweaked it to suit all sissies and released it!

So, for those of you feeling the urge to get your teeth into more of my Hypnosis, you can find all my brand new files by clicking HERE

Lots more to come so stay tuned & stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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