Expect changes

Once upon a time I was online 24/7, it was ridiculous. Oddly I sometimes find myself missing the 'Good old days'. I had a huge circle of slaves, a constant flow of creative ideas and worked tirelessly in pursuit of being the ultimate. The problem is, when you finally become the ultimate, where do you go from there? I set out to achieve a goal, to get a whole bevy of slaves at my beckon call, to travel the world, to build myself my dream castle in the countryside, to own heels upon heels, to buy everything Amazon has to offer..........and I did it. One could even go as far as saying I've achieved a form of immortality, my videos will always exist, my hypnosis will always exist and so will my images. I spent years honing my skills as a Domme and then a few years building my vanilla dream life.

Although it's taken a good few years, it's also all happened rather quickly and if I'm honest, despite the work I put in, I didn't quite expect the level of success I've achieved. Naturally, this leads to problems and I think these past two years have been something of a whirlwind, but, a whirlwind where being a Domme, in particular a findom has been on the back burner. My sales have been so good that I didn't have to think about draining slaves, in turn this made some of my creativity dwindle.

I've been thinking about what I want to achieve next, where I want to go with this whole thing. This evening I stumbled across a few new Dommes to the scene on Twitter. To see them get excited about bin liners full of cash ignited the old fire in me, bags of cash had somewhat become the norm, and, when they become the norm you quit being excited. I needed something to get me excited, to ignite the old fire in me.......and I've got it, but, I'm not revealing what it is, you'll have to come along for the ride to find out.

So, from October expect much more of me, expect me to twist you, expect me to make every thought that enters your mind be interrupted with thoughts of service to me. Expect me to drain you, expect me to post pictures of your cash in my hands, expect new videos, expect live chat, expect a completely new website.

I'm coming back.......expect me to take what's mine.

Becoming the ultimate is one thing, staying the ultimate is another.....I am the ultimate and the proof you've been waiting for is on the horizon.

I can't wait to hear you beg once more.

Annabel Fatale

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