Hypnosis so good it's banned & the house D/s built.

It seems an age since I've written a blog post, so I thought I'd stop by and give you all a little update.

The Update

Some of you will have noticed I'm much quieter than usual, and some may have been a little confused when I've had to turn down custom requests and sessions. Rest assured I haven't just 'Had enough'. As most of you know 2 years ago I decided to emigrate to a warmer climate. Every summer I have a host of those from the vanilla realm turn up for holidays, this has made July, August and some of September almost impossible to perform Mistress duties!! Naturally I've had to concentrate on the small group of my closest slaves. Also, for the past year and a half I've had an endless stream of vanilla work in the form of transforming a complete ruin of a farmhouse into a dream home, again this has meant keeping my stable of slaves to a mere handful. It's been a rather long & tedious road that has involved living in conditions that no Mistress should have to live in, but, the end result has been worth it. There is still much work to do, however, I can now relax and do the work at my own pace. You can see the transformation in this video:

I'm pleased to say that from late September I will be back in full swing online and can finally dedicate my full attention to my lowly losers. I will be opening up the stable doors and looking to take on some new slaves as I will have a lot of time on my hands for playing with minds (And wallets).

The Ban

Most of you will have noticed that I have 3 stores online, Kinkbomb, IWantClip and Clips4Sale. After putting all my eggs in one basked with ClipVia, it caused a massive problem when they decided on a number of occasions that they simply weren't going to pay me!! They've since done the same to hundreds of models and Dommes. Since that debacle I decided that spreading my clips across 3 stores would be sensible as it seems all clips sites regularly have banking issues due to selling adult content. I have since promoted KinkBomb as my main store as they seem to have the least issues and offer a great level of support, IWantClips is my second favourite store due to generating a lot of traffic without promotion and C4S is the biggest site and has good support, though I don't find the percentages paid to models particularly favourable. Anyway, I was recently taking a short vacation at the beach and decided to check my e-mails. I'd received an e-mail from IWantClips stating that the merchant banking they use were not happy that I was selling genuine Hypnosis, in turn, they had selected a number of my clips and banned them!! So, if you've ever had any doubt as to whether I sell gimmick based nonsense hypnosis, or, the real deal, then the lovely people at Visa and MasterCard have done a SUPERB job of proving that what I sell is real. Naturally, this SHOULD impact my sales on IWantClips dramatically, but, keen to always turn lemons into lemonade, I figured pointing out the fact that the merchants have banned these specific clips will naturally make some of you rather curious, and, thankfully, the clips are still available on KinkBomb! The full list of banned clips is visible in the images below, and, YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE CLIPS BEFORE THEY GET BANNED ALL TOGETHER AND IT'S TOO LATE!

So, that's the update!! One other thing worth a mention is during my break I've had some VERY interesting ideas for new hypnosis files, one in particular has really got me excited!!

I look forward to controlling your minds and wallets more than ever!

Dominant regards

Annabel Fatale

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