Contrast, the often missing ingredient.

I felt a need to write a little blog about contrast.

It seems that many get somewhat confused by my 'Love thy Goddess' files, and, I understand why. When I go from belittling you to suddenly telling you I love you it can seem a little confusing, even bizarre, so, I thought I'd explain why I do this.

Firstly, there's the appreciation and it's ok to be submissive factor. This isn't the main reason why I do it, but, my slaves are loyal, honest and work hard for me. Sometimes it's pleasant to release a little something that is not only positive, but increases the bond.

Now for the main reason I do it - Contrast. It's a topic I've talked about before, but, it's something rarely explored with online domination. A lot of online domination is something of an instant hit, I get that, I understand it and I also offer it. Many slaves want to spend a bit of money, be told how pathetic they are by a hot Domme and that's it, it goes no deeper. That's fine, I offer that instant hit myself, however, it offers up a problem - How many instant hits does a slave partake in before he gets bored and finds someone else for that instant hit? How many instant hits from a variety of Dommes does he buy before he gets bored of the scene all together? How many Dommes out there offer that instant hit? If you compare being a Domme to a restaurant it offers a little more clarity to the situation. Every restaurant is painted a different colour, but nearly all serve the same dish, sometimes the garnish is a little different, sometimes the potatoes are boiled instead of steamed, but, at the end of the day they're still potatoes. I'm not saying all Dommes are the same (Hence the different paint schemes) but, we're all offering domination (Potatoes) in it's various forms. Then there are those long term slaves, the ones who serve for many years and gain a true bond with a Mistress. They get the most out of service by building a special relationship.

This difference got me thinking - What if I could create that long term bond in a really short period of time using Hypnosis? That's ultimately what 'Love Thy Goddess' does. A few years back I had a really good slave, we'd spend 20% of the time on domination and 80% of the time chatting as friends. It was the first time I'd done this, and, as he was an interesting person it was a pleasure to have him serve. We continued like this for a long period of time. One day he stepped over the boundary and did something that deserved punishment, I was horrible to him, I degraded him verbally, tore him to pieces, dropped our friendship and to my surprise he actually began genuinely crying. I ignored him for a week after that, and, he became extremely emotionally unstable constantly trying to contact me, clearly genuinely distressed that he'd ruined our D/s bond. I agreed to forgive him as long as he got me pretty much everything I wanted, he didn't even hesitate, and, in short, funded a whole new business for me. I guess you could call it 'Emotional manipulation'. So, when you see me being all nice, all sweet, all caring in the Love Thy Goddess series, it's actually for a pretty manipulative reason. It creates the long term bond that allows me to manipulate and control to the level of a succubus.

Another consideration was the term 'Goddess'. It's used so frequently in our scene, thrown around continually. It occurred to me that nobody actually worships a god that's constantly angry and evil, all gods and goddesses have a level of contrast, positives for those who follow the rules and negatives for those who don't. When you invest in Love Thy Goddess you're investing into something akin psychologically to a religious conversion. If you do something good for me, the file is going to remind you of what a good slave you are and that you're cared about, but, when you do something against me a level of guilt will come into play.

So, remember, when you see me looking all sweet and innocent I'm ultimately increasing my control.

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