Kinking out the straights

It's been a while since I've written anything like this, but, recently I've had waves of new followers contacting me on social media, so, rather than type the same thing THOUSANDS OF TIMES, I'll write it all in one blog.

First things first, I'm a Pro Domme. If you don't like paying to serve, that's fine, please go find your free Domination elsewhere. I often see people kicking and screaming about paying to serve, sometimes it's like a witch hunt -


'Taking money from weak people is unethical'

'Morally wrong'

'Why should I pay?'

Ok, let's start with the first - 'I DON'T SERVE FINDOMS' - Findom is a FETISH, it doesn't encompass what I do, 'Pro Domme' does. Do I offer Findom? Yes, the same as I offer Hypnosis, Humiliation, foot fetish, feminization, sissification etc. Findom is simply the fetish of handing over money for little or nothing in return, a single fetish in a vast sea of kink. If you come to me for a custom Hypnosis that has nothing to do with Findom, then chances are I'm not going to start draining you of funds.

Now, onto the other 3. People have a very twisted/skewed view of what is acceptable. The other day for example, a lonely idiot decided to throw torrents of abuse at me, yet his profile image was 'Arsenal football team'. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure footballers get paid hundreds of thousands each day for kicking a pigs bladder around a field while brave soldiers on the front line get paid a basic wage.....Is that any more wrong than what I do? Many countries operate a pay or die healthcare system, is that any more wrong than what I do? Fast food chains are causing vast swathes of people to become obese and charging them for the privilege...tobacco companies make people addicted to deadly chemicals in the name of profit....are you getting the idea yet? I've never caused anyone to die, become obese, become homeless or forced them to pay to watch 90 minutes of eye brow plucked metrosexuals playing a giant game of ping pong with their feet. Nor have I used your tax money to drop deadly weapons on citizens of a country.......So please, if you think what I do is unethical, go look at what your government is doing, you may just find something worth arguing over.

'But why should I pay?'

Simple, I'm a pro Domme, my pictures/videos are made with thousands of pounds worth of equipment, the make up in my pictures cost hundreds, the costumes hundreds and chances are one small shoot has taken the best part of 20 hours to make before it even hits social media. If I produce a clip, it's not shot on a smartphone, it's recorded with pro sound equipment, edited with cutting edge technology, graded, de-noised....You get the idea.

I put a vast amount of effort into what I do, I'm not some bratty 19 year old who takes a few phone snaps because she wants a pair of Louboutins.

So, with that rant out of my system, let me explain how it works -

1. My stores - Most people buy my clips and serve me somewhat anonomously, it's the cheapest easiest way to serve and that way you can pick and choose what clips suit your kinks. I generally don't directly interact with customers, but I always reply to feedback and encourage slaves in their next file.

2. Customs - Customs clips start at £50, they're generally 5 minutes long and contain your specific fetish.

What the £50 includes - A custom clip based on a brief paragraph explanation of what your fetishes and kinks include.

What the £50 doesn't include - Costume demands, scripts, inclusion of media that you send me.

I recently got asked for a custom and the customer spent the £50. Once payment was made I received a 5 page script, 40 photographs, a list of things I should say, a list of what I should wear and a list of things I shouldn't say as well as a number of scenarios and names that should be mentioned. £50! This IS NOT how I work, such a clip would have taken a week to prepare and shoot. I have many clips and have developed my own style, scripts and demands make things seem unnatural in a clip, so all I ask is you provide a very brief outline of what you'd like to see and let me work with it.

Custom Hypnosis is £100 - Simply put, Hypnosis takes a long time to write unless it's gimmick based tripe. I don't offer gimmick based tripe. Hypnosis also requires some advanced sound editing such as noise reduction, royalty free music etc. Hypnosis is 90% audio, when you see a hypnotherapist playing a video to their clients instead of audio, then I'll consider putting more video in. Hypnosis is generally 25 mins.

3. Sessions - Sessions are £50 and require advanced payment and booking. Despite popular belief I don't wander around my estate in leather corsets with knee high boots on covered in make up. I generally offer sessions on a weekend, and, occasionally mid week. Do keep in mind that I'm +2GMT when arranging your sessions times.

4. Real time - I've done it in the past and enjoyed it, but it's not something I offer to your average Joe, it's generally only done with slaves who have excelled at serving me online over a long period of time. Basically it's earned, and even then there's a large fee. I don't offer RT to complete strangers, no matter the sums involved, and, I always travel with security. All real times are remotely monitored for my safety.

5. Long term service - This is achieved through a mixture of the above, spoiling me, worshipping me, sending tributes, buying clips and having a modicum of intelligence all go a long way to keeping you in the stable. It doesn't happen over night.

So, to sum up, the best way to serve is to start with my store clips, if you wish to progress from there maybe book a custom or session. To go even further and interact with me personally, gifts, tributes alongside compliments and promotion go a long way. And no, I won't own you 24/7 for £50 a month ;).

I hope this makes your choices regarding serving me a little more clear.

Mistress Annabel Fatale.

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