Love Thy Goddess 4 - The Masterpiece


It's been some time since I wrote a blog! I've released a number of new Hypnosis files, so, if you haven't visited my store recently, I suggest doing so now!! CLICK HERE

I've recently been exploring ideas for future Hypnosis files. Much of what I've produced in the past year or so has been based upon feedback and suggestions from those who partake in my files. Although I enjoy turning your suggestion into reality, I miss the days when my head was filled with creative ideas for new files. I've spent so much time being creative both online and in the design of my country estate that my creativity somewhat dwindled, something I found incredibly frustrating. I'd often find myself staring at a blank page fighting for new ideas, and I know this isn't how my best work is produced. All my best works have been ideas that have simply flowed into my head, generated excitement which in turn expanded the ideas into a mouldable creative process.

Recently I've been able to take a step back from everything, in turn this hit my 'refresh' button. During this time I was recalling how much I enjoyed designing and creating the very first 'Love Thy Goddess'. It was an experience I revelled in and it generated great excitement both for slaves and myself. Since creating that file, my media abilities have improved, my equipment has been upgraded, my stores generate a massive amount of sales meaning I have more funds to invest in the creation of files and I've moved 2000 miles away to a place of outstanding beauty with an estate that offers some serious creative opportunities.

A few weeks back I was wandering down a mountain side, it was completely void of any people, my only company was deer, foxes, jackals, eagles and somewhere off in the distance were a pack of wolves. The sun was setting as I gently strolled down an ancient Roman path, the grass almost glowed with a golden hue as I made my way to a lone olive tree where I sat for an hour. I was contemplating the history of my surroundings, imagining the Romans, Thracians and other ancient civilisations that must have walked the very same path. I pictured an ancient army trudging its way down the path....and that's when it hit me - My very own army of warriors, subservient to me, yet, fearsome to others. A powerful band of slaves ready to carry out my will, and with such a global following, there would be only a handful of places upon this earth that my influence would not be able to reach. I instantly got excited about this thought and suddenly my creativity came back with a vengeance.

When I got home I began playing soundtracks from various films about ancient civilisations. This fuelled some very interesting thoughts, ideas and I instantly fired off a number of tracks to my music producer so that he could produce something special for the Hypnosis. As I'm writing this he's in his studio producing the track. I wanted this Hypnosis, particularly the trigger file, to be incredibly cinematic and stir the emotions, to instil a feeling of both fearsome pride and love in serving me. I wanted this to be EPIC. I then began travelling around every shop I could to find props and costume, nothing was suitable. I found myself at the back of an old junk store where I discovered 200 meters of pure cream silk, I showed a friend and talked about a costume idea, unbelievably it was at that point that my friend divulged that she had been a seamstress for 5 years, that's costume covered. I then needed to find a way to transport a whole bunch of camera equipment to a remote area on the mountain, I quickly found a 4x4 and got permission to borrow it.

There's a few pieces of the puzzle left to find, but it's as though this Hypnosis has somewhat created itself.

So, in the coming weeks, you can expect a Hypnosis like nothing I've ever created before, in fact, I don't think anyone has created anything that would even come close to what I'm about to unleash.

I hope you're as excited as I am!


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