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Dearest followers,

I recently did a Twitter poll to see what Hypnosis you'd like to see next! The results were more feminisation and a slave mind control file.


I have worked tirelessly on a project, a project that I guess you could say has been maybe 4 years in the making. Some years ago I created a series of Hypnosis called 'Reborn' it contained many great ideas, but at the time, my equipment wasn't up to the job of what I wanted to convey. Since then my knowledge and experience in Hypnosis has naturally grown, and, with it so has the level of equipment I have access to. So, without further a do, I'd like to present to you 'Rebirth - The Ultimate Feminisation' It's a super deep, 50 minute long Hypnosis that anchors itself deep into your subconscious. Here's the advert for it:

BE WARNED IT'S POWERFUL You can get the full file, HERE


I have also been busy creating a wonderful new file, a file that is also very deep that will give you a strong addiction to my voice. For those who already have that addiction, fear not, it will increase the addiction to a much higher level. If you're a slave, or considering becoming my slave, this is a great place to start! There will be more in this series which will be entitled 'The Submissives Toolbox' You can see the ad for it below

ANOTHER POWERFUL ONE! You can get the full file HERE

And just for fun I recently found an old promo, so re-edited it for your enjoyment!

Have fun, enjoy and be consumed,

Annabel Fatale

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