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Hello my lovely lowlies!

I trust you are all well and feeling supremely submissive!! I've been extremely busy of late making lots of interesting things for you!! I've been feeling somewhat harsh, and thus created some fetish based clips I know you're going to love!! Fear not Hypnosis fans, there is also some good news for you, just scroll past the GIF images!!

The first of the clips I recently created was something rather new to me. I often get asked to create 'Smoking fetish clips', something I've never been that keen on creating. Getting paid to slowly kill myself isn't really my idea of Domination or fun for that matter. Smoking may have been fashionable and glamorous at the beginning of the last century, but these days I think many view it as somewhat trashy, and, trashy I am not (Unless spitting of course) . So, I decided to play with a safer alternative, a modern day version if you will, my new 'Vape'. I believe it ticks all the boxes that many smoking fetish fans would like to see, but without actually killing myself for your pleasure. The clip itself is somewhat neat, I shot it in natural light as the sun was setting and the background noise of the various birds adds a rather relaxing, yet exciting feel to the clip for those who have always craved to see me smoke. You can get the clip by clicking HERE

Next up is a particularly harsh clip! A number of my slaves really get off on the idea of me spitting on them. A small spitting GIF I created for Twitter gained a serious amount of interest, so I decided to make something based around the GIF. I know my little whore dog in particular likes the idea of me spitting on him, and is always craving some harsh verbal abuse (That's because he's a complete little whore who eats off his toilet and loves the idea of whoring himself out to real men for my benefit, sadly he's so pathetic no real men want him). Anyway, if you're into harsh verbal abuse and spitting, you will ADORE this clip which can be purchased HERE

Then came a really fun clip to make. A sissy who regularly orders clips from me had a fairly detailed custom request. When I say fairly detailed, I mean an entire essay of what he wanted to see in the clip. Basically, in it's short form, he wanted me to be the office bitch who had coerced him into being my little slut at the office, bullied him into submission if you will. On the night of the office party I was to take him to the party in a similar, but cheaper outfit than mine. He was then to be locked inside a cupboard at the party. For the weeks prior to this, he'd been doing all my work and I was getting a lot of praise from the boss, who naturally had the hots for me. The boss had promised me a promotion if I was willing to perform oral on him, naturally, I'd never stoop that low. During the party I take the boss, blindfolded to the cupboard and instead get the sissy to perform the oral so I get the promotion. It finished with some humiliation.....There's also a part two to this clip coming soon! To get the clip click HERE

HYPNOSIS FANS!! I haven't forgotten about you!! I recently did a poll on my Twitter to see what you wanted me to create Hypnosis wise. The poll returned in favour of two things. The first was some slave programming, so I've just finished writing the first of these which will be about creating a complete and utter addiction to my voice. The file came about by accident as I had to do a session with a long time slave I hadn't seen for a while. Naturally wanting to ensure he stays deeply consumed, I decided to fire up a file that created an addiction to my voice, he loved it!!! It's already written, all that's left to do is record. This will become part of a new series I'm writing called 'The Submissives Toolbox' and will be based upon Hypnosis I wrote years ago called 'Reborn'. Naturally I've progressed a lot since then so revisiting the idea really appealed to me.

The second most voted for was a Feminisation. As many of you know I have a free one on YouTube and the trigger file to it is now the BEST SELLING CLIP OF ALL TIME on Kinkbomb!! It's #1 In the Kinkbomb charts on the front page! The free file is heading for quarter of a million views rapidly!! Naturally with the theme being so popular I decided to create one with an incredibly deep induction. This one has also been written and now just requires recording and visual, so expect to see both of the above in my stores in the coming week.

Also remember that if you don't have a Kinkbomb account, you can also get my clips and files on IWantClips by clicking HERE and Clips4Sale HERE

If reading about all that has made you somewhat weak, then feel free to be a good little slave and tribute using this:

I look forward to bending your minds and increasing you weakness.

Dominant regards

Mistress Annabel Fatale

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