Reminder of poisons

Hello my lowlies,

As some of you will have noticed, the inner circle still isn't fired up, I'm hoping it will come together in the new year now. Sadly I had some vanilla issues with my residency, but, all is resolved so I hope to be able to get creating content for the inner circle soon!

Now, onto the reminder of poisons. Over the past few years I've released vast amounts of Hypnosis, some of which never got a great deal of promotion, I just uploaded it knowing if it was something my regulars were into, they'd purchase it. I've decided to write a blog just briefly detailing some of the files available I urge you to look through, have a read, because I'm quite sure that at least one of the files will lead you into temptation. This isn't a full list, but a mere taster of what's available.


Come with me on a journey that will devour your will and mould you into my perfect little whore.

Never again will you be the same, craving to be feminized, made to take cock like the true little cum slut that you are. You know you want it, that little craving already present as you read this description, that little voice saying 'Yes Miss, I want it', well don't wait any longer, get the file and allow me to turn you into my perfect little slut.

You're about to become a MADE BI SISSY.



Most men fight for the ability to perform in the bedroom, but now, you can experience what it's like to lose that ability, in turn, meaning your only use would be to serve. This file is a genuine trance that causes Erectile Dysfunction, it's been tried and tested and it's extremely powerful, and, more importantly, it works! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Be the weak little man with no ability, the thing you always dreamed of.



After the huge success of 'The Addiction' I am proud to annouce the release of the Addiction 2, a mind melting, heart pumping trance file that will leave you gasping for the one thing that gives you release, servitude to me. Let me be your evil nurse, and take your level of addiction further than ever before, become an addict today

We both know how much you want it, so just relax, take deep breaths and get addicted RIGHT NOW!



Come on a deep journey into your inner subconscious and awaken the temptation that dwells within you. Dreams so vivid and filled with such submissive desires. This file takes you on a deeply erotic hypnotic Succubus journey that will leave you weak in every way! Do you dare?



After the HUGE success and popularity of Love Thy Goddess 1, decided to create a second file implementing new techniques she has picked up on her international travels. This file promises to outdo all Miss Annabels previous files. Expect a powerful journey that will capture both your heart and mind.

If you buy one file this year, make this one it!



You know that deeply erotic head space you visit when you're being submissive? Imagine that, but more intense, more erotic and more permenant.

This trance will beguile you so deeply, and have you trapped in a deeply deeply submissive state that can be re-triggered at any time. This file is a GENUINE trance and thus should not be listened to prior to taking part in any physical activity that could cause harm to you or others.

Experience a submissive state like never before......You'll never be the same again!



A highly intoxicating journey that will leave you breathless and without control. Come with me on a deep journey, lie back, relax and let my soothing sirenesque tones ease you into such a comfortable state, that you'd do anything for me, literally, ANYTHING!

Full Video and audio trance file



Have you ever dreamed of shrinking down to nothing more than a little amoeba while in the presence of a beautiful Giantess? Have you always assumed that this could only ever remain a wild, but deeply erotic fantasy?

ASSUME NO MORE! Using genuine 'Trance' techniques you will experience what it's like to be my incy wincy pet, brought out to play like nothing more than a life filled figurine. This isn't gimmick trance, this is the real deal! With both trance audio and POV footage allow me to bring your Giantess fantasy to life in a way you never thought possible!

24 mins of pure Giantess



An incredibly in-depth file with a naughty findom biased outcome. Are you ready to be beguiled into a state of utter intoxication where the only ability you have is to follow my orders? A real genuine Hypnosis file that's almost one hour long. Headphones and a comfortable bed are required! Intoxication guaranteed!

(Before beginning the file please open in your browser and click tribute)


All files are available HERE

Go on you know you want to, be weak.

Mistress Annabel Fatale

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