The Inner Circle - A very important update

Hello my lowlies,

Some of you may have noticed a little menu option on my website entitled 'Inner Circle'. The button in the menu has been there for a long time, and, when you click on it, it asks for a password. Numerous people have asked me what it's about. It was always intended to be a place for my elite level slaves, however, due to having such limited time over the past year, I never got around to finishing the idea. I was also looking for a way to simplify a members area as payment gateways and the like get expensive and complicated. So here's the big news -

The Inner Circle part of my website is now in the design stage, and, I hope to have it up and running by Saturday 14th Nov 2015. But what does this mean for you? Well, that depends on whether you consider yourself a slave or not.

Access can be gained by purchasing a 'Password clip' from one of my stores, naturally, the clip will contain a password which will grant you access to the Inner Circle until a set date (Which will be stated in the password clip description).

'So what's inside the Inner Circle?' I hear you all grovel. All content you see in the inner circle will be exclusive to the inner circle, you wont find it anywhere else! It will contain a full Hypnotic slave training program of multiple parts, a program that should be strictly adhered to. It will contain regular tasks presented to you on video to make you extra weak, and of course, there'll be new ways to interact.

Most importantly this is how you will now access my weekly chat (Only one chat per month will remain free to all site visitors). Each month new Hypnosis and content will be uploaded to the inner circle.

So, if you class youself as my slave, or, plan to, purchasing the 'Password' will be vital to your monthly service. Naturally it wont be cheap. but, to be part of the inner circle is a privilege you know you desire!

I look forward to opening up the inner circle, in the mean time, eyes peeled!

Mistress Annabel Fatale

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