New Goodies!

Well hello my lowly lovelies!

I thought I would stop by and give you some inspiration for a VERY submissive weekend ahead. Today, I am making a number of clips, mainly from requests I have received when questioning what you would like to see.


There's a brand new tease & denial clip, a rather splending brand new torturous JOI clip, another brand new 'Anal orders' clip for all you who love to fuck your man pussy, and, a new 'Temptation mindfuck' clip that's akin to my old 'Adrenaline wank' video. I'm bringing some toys to the party...and will be wearing some seriously sexy items in the clips.


Many of you have enjoyed my recent free full length feminization release on YouTube, the sales of the accompanying file have rocketed the last few days! You can see it here


It's amassed close to 1000 views a day, and, with over 60 likes already in just 5 days, you know it's got to be a little bit special!

I've also decided to release another free file, something that takes me back to my roots as a Hypno Domme. Many years ago I released a file that allowed many a slave to break the chains of servitude, only to replace those old chains with my own, I'll be recreating this idea in 'Sea of Anna'. I'm also going to revisit another favourite amongst slaves! I wrote a few files around 4 years ago that were entitled 'Reborn'. These files were based on some studies I looked into on primal instincts and used various sounds that triggered these instincts. Naturally, back when I recorded the original files, I did it directly into a laptop microphone, and, worked with very basic tools in terms of audio editing, so, I'm keen to see the effects these files will have now that my voice has somewhat evolved into a more powerful tool, and, I have professional recording equipment to play with.

If you haven't visited my stores lately CLICK HERE and then select which store you'd like to view!

I look forward to the coming months when I know so many of you will be wrapped up warm inside, sat at your computers eagerly waiting my commands.

Stay consumed

Mistress Annabel Fatale

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