Well hello my lovely lowlies! I've been announcing a big come back, and, today I have begun designing new delightfully deviant ideas to keep you all on your toes (Or knees). I'm shortly releasing a new feminisation Hypnosis, it'll be free with the option to purchase a low cost add on trigger. I've also asked you for your ideas, and I've had a number of people mention four letters to me, ASMR. Not many people know this, but, I myself am a great fan of ASMR and regularly listen to a number of superb ASMR artists on YouTube, particularly when I'm flying around from place to place. I'm not the biggest fan of flight and I find it a great way to drown out any anxieties or screaming children! Anyway, for some time now I've wanted to produce my own genuine ASMR videos, but I had a bit of a conundrum. Being a Domme requires I be harsh, cruel and well, a Domme. ASMR requires soothing, caring tones. My other problem is most of my content is adult in nature, and, most ASMR artists offer all of their work for free on YouTube, a place that isn't really suitable for adult ASMR. I considered creating an alias for an ASMR based account on YouTube, but, because I'm well known all over the web as a Domme, it wouldn't be long before the two worlds collided. I'd almost given up on the idea all together, until a follower named Del brought up ASMR again. By now I was getting a little frustrated as it's a genre I'd really love to break into, but felt the two worlds didn't suit, so I began thinking long and hard about how I could make this work, and, I think I've found the answer!! I'm going to release some simple, non adult ASMR on my YouTube channel, just to get noticed by the ASMR community, naturally I expect it to take a little time to gain a following in the field, but I'm keen to get the ball rolling. At the same time, I've noticed a lack of adult related ASMR, something I think I could help pioneer. This is where you come in!!! In order for me to release adult ASMR, I need to talk about adult/BDSM related topics, topics that require me to be soft and sultry, so, the best way to go about this is YOU write your ultimate D/s fantasy in full detail, and, you send it to me. Rather than me acting out the part of the Domme, I simply act as an ASMR narrator, detailing your story in soft, sexy whispers. The person who sends in the story can remain anonymous if he/she wishes, but, will get the ASMR video which contains their story FREE OF CHARGE. Naturally the story will then be placed in my stores for other BDSM fans to purchase and listen to, almost like filthy ASMR bed time stories. So, do you think your story is worth sharing? Would you like me to read your D/s fantasy in soft whispers on camera? THEN SEND ME YOUR STORIES!! They can be about any adult related fantasy you have, preferably containing some D/s (And naturally shouldn't involve me being a sub, those get deleted). So please, send your stories this way!! E-mail AnnabelFatale@gmail.com Also, in order for me to use your stories, I require you to copy and paste the following piece of text into the e-mail, by doing so, you agree to the terms and conditions upon which I can use your story

'I grant full permissions for AnnabelFatale.com and it's affiliates to utilize my written works included here in any way they see fit, including, but not limited to - Broadcast in the public domain, broadcast for profit, resale, audio books and print. By including this text I confirm that I hold no legal rights over the work I have submitted. I also hereby declare that the work submitted is all of my own and has not been copied or taken from other works.'

I really look forward to receiving your stories, GET WRITING!

Annabel x

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