She gets the promotion.

Hello adoring fans! I trust you are all well and feeling supremely submissive! In the past few months I've written a number of blogs declaring my return, not that I've disappeared, but, compared to the frequency I used to be online, everything suddenly became somewhat intermittent. Each time I've declared a big return, something else would happen from emigrating and renovating to extended 6 week long visits from relatives. During this time I've stayed in contact with many of you via Twitter. My most loyal have continued to serve, and, I've even picked up some new slaves along the way. Sadly, I've had to put my Clipvia store on hold due to payment issues, I hope to rekindle it some time in the future when the company has resolved its issues, but, a plethora of new stores I have opened on Kinkbomb, IWantClips and C4S have broken all my previous sales records with virtually no promotion, surprising! I've released the odd new Hypnosis when time has permitted, and, continued with occasional sessions and custom clips/Hypnosis. Things are about to change, and, this time, for a rather extended period!!! Despite currently facing a further month of 40c temps, and, having a few small renovations that need completing before winter, my time will now be committed to I'm excited to announce that I'll be firing up my FREE LIVE SUNDAY WEBCAM CHAT again this Sunday. It starts at 7pm GMT and will last 30 mins. You just have to click the LIVE CHAT button on the website, then, enter a username, and, voila! I'll also be offering more frequent Skype sessions, mainly on the weekends due to being 2 hours ahead of the UK. Of course I will also be increasing the amount of custom clips and Hypnosis available, which, brings me to something rather deviant I've been commissioned to make. A few weeks ago, a slave who had purchased my erectile dysfunction Hypnosis got in touch. He requested a custom Hypnosis, a very very interesting custom Hypnosis. He holds a very good position at his employment, and, is currently up for promotion, however, so is his female colleague. He requested I hypnotise him to lose the promotion to her. Lots of interesting techniques are being employed and it's been a great exercise for my grey matter. Currently in the writing process and simply love how deviant this is. I hope to speak to you all in the coming days! Dominant kisses Annabel Fatale

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