The Erectile Dysfunction Cure File

Hello flaccid one,

Many of you purchased my 'Erectile Dysfunction' file and noted that it worked very well, a little too well! I was inundated with e-mails begging me to make a 'Cure' file. One person was so desperate they agreed to pay a rather large undisclosed sum to have me make the file for them. With money being the motivator to allow the slave in question to gain an erection once more I figured 'Hell, why not!'.

For the first time EVER in my Clipvia store I have created a FULL LENGTH video Hypnosis, so unlike my 'Just audio' files you get to see me through the duration, at least until your eyes close as you drift off into a world of ever increasing masculinity, confidence and extremely potent e


Although I don't like to do such a thing, this time I have created a file that will work even if you haven't ever listened to the 'Erectile dysfunction' cause file allowing your confidence and sexual prowess to soar as a male. Naturally, because I never really wanted to return the masculinity to any man, I will be charging through the nose for it.

Go check it out, and if you haven't listened to the 'Cause' file yet (Which is just $29.99) then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!

Both can be found by clicking HERE

Have fun, because rest assured, at some point, I'll take away that masculinity again!

Stay consumed

Mistress Annabel


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