Erectile Dysfunction Update And A Reminder!

Hello my lowly lovelies!

I wanted to give everyone an update on a few Hypnosis files! I haven't updated the on-site store for a while, so, some of you may have missed some of my latest releases!

First though, I wanted to discuss the 'Erectile Dysfunction' file I created. Unlike most files it wasn't to help this infliction, but, rather, cause it! It's now sold just over 300 copies. I put some serious research work into the file, and all the feedback has been positive In terms of the file having the attended effect. In fact, I promised to make a 'Cure' file when I released it, I just never quite got around to it despite many requesting it. A few days ago a slave got in touch in desperation after repeated listening. His sex life had taken a serious turn for the worse. I agreed to do the file at great expense, and, will be releasing it, but, expect it to cost $500.

Now, knowing just how expensive it is to undo the result of the file, would you dare listen to the original $29.99 cause file?? Go on, you know you want to CLICK HERE

I also thought I'd give you a list of my most recent offerings....

Forced Bi Sissy Hypno

Your wife submits Hypno

Gay for a day


All offer what the title suggests so I recommend buying them and listening daily!

I look forward to your flaccid feedback!

Stay Consumed

Mistress Annabel


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