Confusion in the ranks....


It's time I addressed a few issues that appear to be plaguing me lately.

It appears that many people are getting confused about what I, as a Domme, offer, and, just how popular my services are.

A recent example of this was with a slave on Twitter. He began with a tribute, chatted in a very polite manner, however, suddenly I had what can only be described as an umpa lumpa from Charlie and the chocolate factory screaming at me that he was owned. After much abuse the situation calmed, but had cost me precious time, which in turn cost me money. As this specific slave had only offered up a £20 tribute (He hadn't read my previous blog about minimum tributes on approach) I said that he was welcome to go serve who ever he wanted. He sent a further £30 gift card. We chatted for a little while on and off over a few days. He decided that he wanted to 'Play' so sent me a £50 gift card, then informed me that he would be home between 7:15am and 4pm.

Today I awoke to a plethora of messages from this slave, one of which said 'I haven't much time today, but, would you go on this gay dating site and line up a few men for me ready for tomorrow'..........Now, I'd like you to do some maths here. As you can imagine, sessions with me are in high demand, and, I clearly state that they have no official time limit, but generally last around 30 mins at £50 a go. Now, let's imagine I go trawlling a gay dating site for 2 hours of today posting ads, chatting to potential males on behalf of a slave, then, I do a 30 min session tomorrow. That activity has just cost me £250 in my time, then if I add to that the missed session today, it's £300. Don't get me wrong, this IS something I've done with slaves, but generally, they've either been with me a long time, or send sums, without prompting, that the average person couldn't afford.

That's not to say there isn't a level of service for everyone, but I think it needs explaining. I have a HUGE amount of slaves in my stable, all of varying ability, all pay varying amounts and all have interests in different kinks, fetishes etc. Each sub/slave is unique. EVERYONE pays a minimum of£50 for a session, no matter who they are. This includes a 30-40 min session, this doesn't include days of teasing via online text, hours of talking about the session in between having sessions etc. I don't mind discussing what you'd like from a session, what I don't appreciate is people trying to continue the session via writing back and forth once the session is done. For example, if we've had an edging session, what you do with your penis outside of the 40 min window really doesn't matter to me. There IS an exception to this rule, some slaves have served me regularly for a long time, and, ultimately, I know those slaves will be back tomorrow for another session because we've built a bond over time, and in some cases, a friendship, I know it's worthwhile to do a little bit of legwork in the case of that slave. The same applies to those who regularly spend large amounts without prompting, for instance, I have a number of slaves who'll think little of sending me £400-£500 a week without me mentioning a single penny, these slaves get a lot of my time, and, ask for little in return which gives us the freedom to really explore a specific fetish, and, of course, each other.

So, I wanted to put some catergories up, that way, you fully understand what to expect and what you'll get in service.


Being a follower is likely the simplest, and, cheapest way to become a part of my stable. A follower will generally follow my work, and, purchase either the occasional Hypnosis file or clip. They don't tend to interact with me personally, but support any social media efforts etc. Usually one or two clips are purchased a month, and occasionally a gift for special occasions. A $60 a month habit is common. (Around £50)


Someone who listens to my free Hypnosis files and buys the paid files/buys BDSM clips. Quite simple, much like a follower $60 - $100 a month habit. (Around £80)


Someone who buys all my files/videos, listens to free files/videos AND books the occasional 1-2-1 session/orders custom files/clips. Occasional interaction is common. $300-$400 a month (Around £250-£350)


Someone who does all of the above, and also buys me regular gifts or sends cash tributes unwarranted. They get extra time on personal interaction which allows me to tailor ideas to fit needs. $600-$700 a month (Around £500-£600)


A rare specimen. These slaves generally buy all my files/clips, have very regular sessions, but, pay upwards of $2000+ (Around £1200+) a month without prompting or requesting anything in return. They get a lot of my time, daily personal interaction and my files/clips are automatically sent to them on release. I also regularly produce custom files/clips based on what we chat about for this type of slave. In other words, they don't pay me for anything specific to begin with, just my time, this allows me to get to know them in depth, and thus, play with fetishes and fantasies to the full, without the dive right in approach. I enjoy this slave not just because of the financial aspects, but it gives me the freedom to be creative and also get to know the person, which gives greater control. All past elite slaves still regularly interact with me, even after service has ended, and, in many cases become friends who I dominantly tease for many years.

So, what I need some of you to realise is this. I AM Naturally Dominant, I DO love Hypnosis, BDSM, slaves and everything in between, the D/s relationships are REAL, the friendships are REAL, the tasks, Hypnosis all REAL.......BUT, this is my business. Whether you like it or not. When you take up my time, you are ultimately costing me money, you either have to be worth the time, or willing to pay the money. If I wanted to play at this for a bit of pocket money, you'd be looking at one of those sites that's set up with a free service, not a Flash based website dripping in professional photos and content. You wouldn't see professional photos taken with thousands of pounds worth of cameras and lighting, instead I'd just take a few snaps with my android or iPhone. You wouldn't get Hypnosis recorded on high quality microphones with noise reduction editing, instead, you'd get a swirly picture on a screen with text. Can you see what I'm saying? It's clear I put a lot of effort into my work, and, if you're not willing to put the effort in as my slave, and strive to be an addict or an elite slave, then it was pointless me putting in all that work in the first place. That's fine by me, just don't be a follower and expect the treatment of the elite.

I expect nothing less than the best, it's what I give, and, if you want to sit anywhere near my throne, then you'd better be ready to give service everything you have.

To serve the best, you have to be the best.

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