Love Thy Goddess Part 2 HYPNOSIS IS BACK

It's been a long time coming!

For the past few months I found my attention steered towards more physical BDSM activities. I adore desigining and making Hypnosis, but I like my Hypnosis to be complicated, I enjoy hidden anchors, I enjoy employing a multitude of triggers that incorporate all the senses. The problem with such Hypnosis is it takes a HUGE amount of time to design and write, which leaves me with a dilema of sorts. It requires me to ignore the hundreds of incoming messages and chats from slaves, and, I'm not that sort of Mistress, I thoroughly enjoy interacting with my followers. So, if in the upcoming weeks I don't reply to you, you know it'll be because I'm designing new Hypnosis.

I have some great ideas that I'll be working on, one of which will involve one of my other passions, Freediving. A Siren based Hypnosis is in the works. I also plan on playing with my contrasts of evil and good in a Succubus based Hypnosis.

BUT, after the HUGE sucess of 'Love Thy Goddess' which sold over 600 copies, I decided to revisit the idea. I've never really come clean about the first file, so now it's time. I think a description of what I planned to achieve with the file, and, how I achieved it will give those who don't know, a little insight into my slightly warped mind.

It all began with a programme on religious conversions and how they happen. The subject really interested me, so I studied it in depth. One main emotion seemed to play a key role in conversions, love. Nobody ever turned to a God or Goddess they hate. The term Goddess is thrown around in this scene, and often aimed at ladies filled with hatred, but, as I wanted the experience to mirror a religious conversion, I had to portray love, something not typically done by Dominas. I'm something of a stickler for covert triggers, so much so, I've gone as far as studying the 'Ding' on the most popular brand of microwaves in the hope of using it as a trigger. This time though, I opted for an international Dior advertisment. It had just been released and had a very pleasant soundtrack and a sort of 'Warmth' about it. The soundtrack was in D Minor, so throughout the Hypnosis, on select words I added a single note in D minor. I opted for the word 'Adore' as a trigger and the perfume was called J'adore, which naturally works well. The cherry on the cake was having the ad play under my face with it's opacity high, so although the images were prevelant, they wouldn't be conciously recognisable. After the release of this file I regularly got e-mails stating that listeners were overcome with emotions at non descript times, and they couldn't figure out why.....WELL, NOW YOU KNOW! There were multiple other little hidden gems in the file, but I'm not telling, you'll have to buy part 1!

I decided to work on another version of this file, when you're constantly dishing out punishments, humiliation and BDSM, it's nice to produce something that brings joy. It increases the contrast of character I believe. That's why I've just released 'Love Thy Goddess 2'

I hope you'll take the time to get the NEW file, lie down, and listen. I've put serious effort into Love Thy Goddess 2, and I just know you'll love and appreciate the don't delay!

Buy it HERE

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