Fear of Approach.

Sometimes, it appears, that I do my job a little too well.

It's come to my attention that many of you lurk around my site and social media feeds, and, never contribute in any way, not because of lack of ability, but because of fear. Despite being (Do I really have to use this word) a Findom......I am not typical, and that isn't all I do. So, I thought I'd write this blog to clear a few things up.

Findom is a fetish, just the same as feet, just the same as used underwear, just the same as Hypnosis. I cover a mass range of fetishes, so much so, that it appears to confuse many. I offer 'Findom' to those who enjoy it, that doesn't mean you HAVE to be into it to serve me. What I do expect is payment for the service I provide. For instance, I know many of my Hypno fans have no interest in Findom, thus, I don't go around trying to extract funds from them, I simply expect them to pay for files or live sessions. Many people like Humiliation and Cuckoldry, I don't suddenly start extracting cash from those people, that isn't what they're into.

I have many different sides, I'm not some two dimensional character that sits here waiting to jump on the first person who waves his/her credit card at me. I simply expect payment for the services I provide. If you just buy a Hypno file once in a while, that's fine, if you send me money each month for a set number of clips, that's fine. If you'd like to see my feet on cam, I won't suddenly start extracting money from your backside. Yes, I do that to some people, but that's because they enjoy the adrenaline rush of Findom.

Ask any of my slaves what it's like to serve me, and what you'll find is many different answers, and, I'm sure that the vast majority of them would be positive. I like to give something in return for payments, sometimes it can take a little while as I'm often very busy creating new content.

So, stop being scared! I DO ask for an initial tribute, but, this is to prove that you are actually able to pay for any services you get from me. I have put together a list of rules for service. If you're interested in serving me simply approach with a WELL WRITTEN email, and an initial payment, it's quite simple. All I ask is that you don't waste my time, nothing is worse than someone who says 'Yes Mistress, I'm sending payment for ______ now, it will be with you shortly' only to never send it, it's pointless and wastes my time and yours.

I've put together some basic rules of service, and, if you want to serve and feel you fit the bill after reading them, then go to the contact me page and start writing that e-mail!

Rules and Guidelines for serving Miss Annabel Grace

Approaching me 1. I have no idea how much you earn, one mans £50 is another mans £5000. To resolve this issue I expect an initial tribute (Usually £50) and then we chat about what you're expecting, your kinks, fetishes, but also about you as a person, passions in life etc. I spend a lot of time with my slaves, kinks and fetishes play a big part in that, but I also enjoy intelligent conversation about day to day life.

Tributes 2. The T word. I rarely ask for tributes unless there is a good reason for it, I simply expect them. Nothing spoils fun more than someone begging for tributes, this is not TRUE findom and the power lies in the hands of the slave, not the Mistress. Remember the golden rule, I DON'T need your tributes, I can survive very comfortably without being a findom, thus meaning I don't need you as a slave either. Keep me happy and you can expect a long, fun, interesting journey. Don't expect to serve for anything less than £50 per week. The more you pay, the more of my attention you get and the more creative I become with regards to your fetishes and kinks. Blackmail 3. Consensual blackmail is possible.

Honesty 4. Common sense and honesty. Don't go throwing 1000's at me and then start spazzing out.

Live Sessions 5. Sessions - Unless I've advertised on the day, sessions have to be pre-booked and paid for upfront. This stops me hanging around waiting for someone who doesn't show/pay. Unless you're a very very good slave I stop doing sessions at 9pm UK time. Don't nag me for sessions after this unless you're willing to pay a significant amount as it's a sure fire way to get deleted. Owning you 6. Ownership - I do love owning subs, but only good subs. If you just buy occasional clips, I do not class this as ownership. Ownership is something that's felt I believe. Contractual Obligations 7. Contract - I like a good contract, BUT, I'm not willing to have you gnawing at my heels 24 hours a day for £50 a week. If you want a contract, be prepared to pay a premium. The Real World 8. Realtime - Do I/Don't I. Yes I do, however, I do charge a very large amount for realtime to offset any losses I may face from lost work in my other business. However, I don't offer realtime to anyone, only to those who serve for a significant period. It allows me to get to know you, understand you and vice versa which builds a bond and makes for a more fulfilling realtime The Breakdown Make an initial tribute, approach me with good manners and let's talk. If I'm not for you, or, you're not for me, it will be quickly established. I build a strong bond, friendship and expect respect from my slaves. It's not hard. All slaves initial tribute must be via Kinkbomb, C4S, I wantclips (All on my store page) or Amazon. I do have other avenues, but only once you become a trusted member of my stable. Overall, enjoy what I have to offer, don't nag, tribute regularly and we will have a long and happy D/s relationship.

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