The most dangerous Findom video ever?

I thought I'd share with you a little video I created quite some time ago.

I initially came up with the idea when looking at ways to make Findom a really adrenaline fuelled activity that was erotic rather than the typical 'Give me your money piggy' routine we see so many using. I came up with 'The Adrenaline Wank'.....Initially it was a task I gave to those slaves who serve me, however, I noticed its ability to gain large tributes very quickly, so, I turned it into a video for everyone to enjoy.........Watch at your own peril...You have been warned.

Please note: To view the video, you may have to click a little green button that says 'Set age gate off' as the video is classed as adult for obvious reasons.

You can watch the video HERE

#annabel #annabelgrace #cuckold #dominatrix #femmefatale #financialdomination #humiliation #mistressofmoney

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