A Slaves Real Time Review

This is a review written by the most recent slave to visit me for real time. This review is 100% genuine, and, the picture taken from the actual real time.

My real time meeting with Miss Annabel was a dream come true, and, was a mixture of erotic excitement, fear and pleasure from start to finish. While always feeling at ease with Miss Annabel, you also know you're in the company of a very beautiful dominant and powerful lady. After introductions I was ordered to a corner and told to strip to my underwear, Mistress looked beautiful in a PVC dress and knee length black leather stiletto boots, and I was told to put my hands behind my back, I was handcuffed and Mistress sat on a chair and I was told to clear the soles and heel of her right boot.

I was told in order to clean and worship her left boot I had to earn that right which I fully intended to do! All the time Miss Annabel was humiliating me verbally but also praising me when I earned it for doing a good job. Miss was using her crop on my bottom and was certainly keeping me concentrated on the task. I was then ordered to remove my boxer shorts and was blindfolded and ordered to lay on my back with Mistress very quickly pointing out how small my penis was! I was told I was on 20 lashes for my punishment (to be given later) and that Mistress wanted to play with her bull whip that literally does sound terrifying when it was cracked,even more so when your blindfolded, so every time I flinched one more stroke was added to my later spanking. My balls were caught several times and hearing Mistress Annabel walking around me,with the smell of her perfume in the air, her boots rubbing together took my senses into overdrive.

Mistress also used her crop on my balls and after several minutes I was back on my feet, the blindfold removed, bent over a chair and whipped (I was on over 30 lashes by now!) plus several that landed between my legs and stung my balls, each stroke was delivered expertly. After my spanking Mistress kindly said I had been good and that I could now clean her left boot, I was instructed to lick the soles, suck the heels and kiss a part of the boot that covered Mistresses beautiful legs. All the time Mistress was talking to me in her lovely soft/sexy but firm voice. Mistress then ordered me to stand and I was blindfolded again, and told to face the wall and start to rub my little member, Mistress was using her crop on my backside and instructing me how hard to stroke, turning me around several times to punish my cock and balls severely. Mistress then ordered me to cum which I did pretty quickly a her swats to my balls increased to about 1 a second!. After the session had ended Mistress Annabel I found to be a lovely person and nothing was too much trouble. I will certainly hoping Mistress will allow me to visit her again. To sum up it was a fantastic evening It was an honour to meet and serve her.

Christopher 'Semi Normal' Jones

Are you interested in booking a real time session? Sessions start at £1000, and, require prior online service as I feel this allows a bond and trust to be established prior to meeting. RT can be arranged in the country of your choice for the price of RT, plus travel costs for myself and my chaperone. For further information use the contact page in the 'More' menu above.

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