How it all began, and, how I got here.

The one question I get asked time and time again is 'How did you get into this?', so, here is the story in it's entirety.

It all began around 1995, I had developed a little quicker than the other girls at school, and, noticed it had begun to have an effect on the boys around me. It started with simple little things, the boys couldn't take their eyes off me, yet, when I returned a glance, eye contact would fail and they'd find themselves looking at the floor. I quickly discovered that I could play games with the boys, making them feel awkward and shy, I also seemed to be able to get the boys to do just about anything I asked, they simply didn't question me. This made for some fun times.

Fast forward to 1999, I was at college. By now, I had mastered manipulating boys, and, this manipulation fascinated me. I'd also gained a key interest in the online world, and, found taking my frustrations out on men via the old Yahoo chat extremely satisfying. A game I created was to find the men who would masturbate on cam, there were so many to choose from. I'd then pop my cam on and appear as if I was about to get sexual, but, right at the cruical moment, when they thought they'd hit the jackpot, I'd begin making fun of their penis and masturbation technique. The aim was to see how quickly I could make them soft, and, disappear off cam full of shame and utterly humiliated. If my memory serves me correctly, my record was 3 seconds. I talked about this game with some female friends, who then joined me on cam! Men really thought they'd hit the jackpot when they saw two hot females together only to end up utterly humiliated. I do often smile and wonder how many walked away with serious issues in regards to their penis size and ability to pleasure women.

Around that same time I'd begun trawling through the web looking at things that are best left unseen, those horrid video nasties, e-books on bizarre topics amongst other strange things. One day, I stumbled across an E-book/file, I won't say the name of it as it will likely get me into trouble, but, it's name was based on a pirate ship. Many of you will no doubt remember this online book. As I scanned through its pages, many of the things I read were of no interest to me, but then, I happened upon a page entitled 'Hypnosis for interrogation'. My heart rate quickened, I'd recently been on holiday and witnessed a live hypnotist really screw with a family member. I began reading, and, studying what was in the book. I remember it well, it was a relatively simple induction with a count down from 100 and an in depth explanation of how Hypnosis works and how to use key phrases and words to induce trance. It also contained the McMasters scale and the effects each level had on the subject. After reading it, I went on to read a number of online articles on Hypnosis and how to undertake inductions, however, at the time, Hypnosis seemed to be magical and out of reach, it almost seemed like it was an impossible task. I pretty much forgot about it all......Until.....

I was at college, around 2001, we were in a classroom during a 2 hour interval between lessons. I happened to mention that I'd read how to use Hypnosis online, suddenly, those in the room became fascinated. One rather outgoing male stepped up, and, said he was willing to give it a try. I didn't hesitate. I remember him, lying on an old wooden desk, everyone else in the room silent as my voice permeated throughout. I told him when he would awake, he would have an overwhelming urge to pull his trousers down everytime I said a key word (But would keep his underwear on).

'And awake...........'

To my utter amazement it worked, and, there was suddenly a very very strange look in the subjects eyes, I could tell this wasn't roleplay, something had changed within him. Suddenly that level of control became frightening, but, extremely alluring and intoxicating. Another male decided he wanted to try, and, I made a terrible mistake, I was supposed to say:

'Your head is extremely itchy because you have bugs ON your head'

Instead, what came from my lips, was:

'Your head is extremely itchy because you have bugs IN your head'

What followed was a moment of utter panic, that thankfully, I managed to control. I calmed the situation, but that moment of error left a lasting impression on me. It wasn't an 'Oh my god I musn't do that again' impression, but rather an 'If I can do that, what else can I do' impression. I went home that night, read as much as I could on the safety of Hypnosis, and so, an obsession began. Around this same time, I also began performing 'Magic', not the real kind, more, the sleight of hand kind as I was writing a dissertation on the evolution of magic during the 19th century. I managed to gain access to a members only, magic circle p2p program that housed a vast library, my personal area of interest within this library was the 'Mentalism' section. I read the vast majority of the books, some from a playful angle, but some had really in depth psychological technqiues, mirroring, anchoring, triggers, I gobbled up all the information I could. I explored these techniques in detail. Suddenly I had people forgetting where they were going, created phobias of the library, I even made one gentleman totally forget that he knew people in the room simply by shaking his hand. In turn, this terrified people, and, alienated me at University, so, although I harboured lots of information, I simply stopped using it.

I then left University with a degree, and, did a little online modelling for a number of small online niche companies. I began getting messages from supposed 'Rich Men', various proposals and offers came my way, so many in fact that I made something of a joke out of it. I decided to simply reply to each of these messages demanding £500, I should probably point out that I never expected anyone to ACTUALLY send the money, and, it was just a joke! I remember chatting to a fan who we shall call 'R' via e-mail. He seemed pretty serious about giving me the £500, so I gave him the details he needed, and, went for a nap. When I woke up, I was £500 better off, and, slightly amazed. What followed was a long, fascinating journey with R, I learned a great deal about him as a person, he was an entrepreneur from the Netherlands and had quite the amazing story to tell, we became good friends, and, he continued to spoil me almost daily. He even bought me the pictured BMW, it was a one off custom, had TV screens in the head rest and the exhaust had been built especially for the car, it sounded like it wanted to eat people, we nicknamed it 'The Red Devil'. I think the car was a great representation of me as a person, and so did R. That year, being slightly young and silly, I squandered the money on lavish parties for me and my friends. Myself and R eventually drifted apart when his wife found out, but once in a while I get a friendly email from him. It was at this point I got introduced to Financial Domination.

I began reading various BDSM websites, and, those websites that contained Financial Dommes whos exploits seemed to be netting them large sums of money and gifts. BDSM as an art fascinated me, and, had done so for many years ever since, as a young teen, I had witnessed a scene on TV where people poured hot wax over each other. The idea of pouring hot wax on someone excited me in a number of ways.........

I established myself online with the usual social feeds, and gained a relatively large following, gaining many fans and slaves. I popped a few free hypnosis files on youtube and it all seemed to be a success. I used the 'Tributes' to set up my own small media company as it had always been a dream of mine.

I then started getting propositions for real life BDSM sessions. I liked the idea, but felt a little unsure. Eventually I agreed, and then, became addicted to hearing the whimpers of men as they cleaned my living room floor, or played fetch. I began exploring the control aspect in depth and in turn, created my own style of domination, a mixture of the physical and psychological.

To define my style in a sentence: I won't just keep aimlessly whipping you, I'll use the whip to draw out your inner most secret desires, fantasies, fetishes and kinks, and then use those kinks to control you.

That's how I became me

Stay Consumed

Miss Grace


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