Custom Clips

I'm pleased to announce that in 2019 I will once again be offering customs! I'm constantly inundated with requests so it makes sense to give my fans what they want. Customs will be limited to 5 per week to retain quality of my work, so please book (That includes paying for) your custom in advance. Price list with explanation of what you'll get is as follows -

Standard 5 min custom fetish clip - $250 (A clip covering the fetish of your choosing)

Standard 10 min custom fetish clip - $320 (As above)

Virtual Reality Customs - $900 for 10 mins (5K VR, if you have a headset it's like standing next to me) 

Hypnosis customs, audio only - $600 (You provide an outline of an outcome you wish to achieve, I will produce the custom)

Hypnosis Custom with video - $1000 (As above)

Added extras -

Costume request $80

for longer standard customs please add $70 for each additional 5 minutes

Special effects in custom (Giantism, Poppers trip etc add $200)

Price breakdown

While the above prices may make the eyes of many water, there is good reason for each and thus, I will break down each item so fans can get a full understanding of what they get and why the price is such. My clips are high quality, 1080p or higher filmed and recorded with the latest tech (8 Different cameras in total) and I am constantly investing in items that improve customs and clips. Obviously customs are constantly in high demand. I want to produce only the highest quality for my fans so that they return time and time again. These are, after all, your deepest fantasies and kinks, they're important to you, if you were skydiving would you opt for the cheap Chinese parachute or the best one available? The very minimum worth of the equipment I use to shoot and edit your custom is around $10,000 but $25,000 of equipment isn't uncommon, I invest in the best to provide for the best. 

Standard customs take on average 4-8 hours to produce, that includes make up, hair, costume, outline for the clip, the filming, editing and upload. 

Virtual Reality customs employ specialist cameras and are notoriously tricky to film and edit. A VR custom will take up around 12 hours of rendering (The bit you have to do when it's edited and finished to get a final viewable movie) on a $9000 editing system built especially for the job but, in all, will take around 32-48 hours to film, edit and render. 

Hypnosis is the most time consuming of all the custom offerings. I spend 1-2 weeks writing and designing your file pouring over each word often followed by 4-6 hours of recording to get a 20-25 minute file. I don't just make it up and throw a spiral over the top like many. The knowledge I put into each file has been gained through study, experimentation and hard work. Each file is meticulously edited and almost all files contain music for which I've purchased the license to use commercially. Should you choose a video Hypnosis I then have to ensure you have 20-25 minutes of audio and visual delight, this usually requires a mixture of video which I either shoot, or, occasionally, buy in from external sources at no extra cost to you should it match the clip and provide the experience you're aiming for. Naturally, editing video to hypnotic audio requires a large amount of work on the part of the editor due to the variety of effects and shots needed to cover a full 25 minute Hypnosis. 


Please use the contact form below and present your idea to me before making any kind of payment so I can ensure it's something I'm willing to cover. If it is indeed something I'm willing to do I will inform you on how you can send payment (Fast, safe and secure through either IWantClips or Kinkbomb) 

I can't wait to hear your custom requests!

Custom Requests

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